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Top 3 OSHA Citations

Learn about the top 3 OSHA citations continued to regularly be violated year after year. These common types of OSHA violations can turn out to be costly to small and major companies. Sadly the top 3 OSHA citations' annual record hasn't changed, read this article for more safety tips and OSHA violations.
List of Top 3 OSHA Citations:
Fall ProtectionHazard CommunicationScaffolding Fall Protection 1926.501 Fall protection 1926.501 standard is appropriate for many types of construction work, OSHA requires fall protection when operating at elevations of 6 feet or more. The type of fall protection allowed under OSHA requirements depends on the work being done and a construction site. Many of the violations cover roof work (including low slope roofs) but are not limited to that—elevator shafts can pose fall hazards.
Fall Protection Safety TipsUse railingProper PPEUnderstand fall distanceProper anchor pointUse ladders properlyKnow roof regulations Fall Protection Safety Violations7,270 …