OSHA Safety Training Grants

OSHA Safety Training and Educational Grants

OSHA Safety Training Grants

A total of 10.5 million is now currently up for grabs in grants.

OSHA will now offer a total of $10.5 million in grant financing for nonprofit organizations including community and faith-based institutions, business associations, labor unions, and joint labor/management associations and Indian tribes, along with colleges and universities.

The Susan Harwood grant program supports the increase of quality safety training and educational programs that concentrate on preventing and identifying workplace dangers.

This includes companies and workers in companies that are miniature; industries with illness, greater fatality and injury levels; and have limited English proficiency or are employees.

Three distinct grants will finance training and education for employees and companies to assist them to identify and protect against workplace safety and health risks.

The Targeted Topic Training allows requiring applicants to cover the occupational safety and health dangers given by OSHA in the grant statement.

Training and Educational Materials Development enables encourage the growth of quality and materials classroom-ready training that focuses on identifying and preventing workplace hazards.

Capacity Building Grants support businesses in producing fresh talent for managing occupational safety and health training programs.

A company may apply for one of 2 Capacity Building grants:
Capacity Building Pilot or Skill Building Developmental grants.

Capacity Building Developmental grant concentrates on developing a skill of a company to offer education and safety and health training. Capacity Building Developmental grant recipients will have the opportunity to keep on building their capacity predicated on performance.

Learn more about the financing announcement and register to apply at Grants.gov.  programs have to be submitted online.

We also provide safety training programs and certification

Contact us today for more information and questions regarding safety. For financial help visit grants.gov.

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